Moonrise over the Venon oak and the Alps

One of the most beautiful moonlit scenes I’ve seen, close to home, featuring the Venon oak, the Alps mountains, and a few guest species 😊
The sedentariness imposed by the pandemic, combined with the luxury of living in an amazing region, is enabling me to appreciate my surrounding much better than ever before.
One of my very favorite places remains the majestic Venon oak, set on its hill against the backdrop of the Alps mountains (it already features in a few articles, in Autumn, Winter… and more will come !)

I took advantage of a very rare occasion when the full moon rises behind the tree, to enjoy a magnificent scene…

Moonlit Alps mountains in Venon

Full disclosure: I intended this photo shoot the next evening, when the alignment of the tree and the mountains was going to be even better for the scene I intended, but… that night, the sky was very cloudy and the moon was hidden. I am very happy I decided to go the day before: what was planned as a dry run turned out to be the main shooting session… I will however be back there for the next opportunities!

Even the few birds still awake at that time seemed to appreciate the serenity of the scene.

Moonrise over the Venon oak in the Alps

It turned out I wasn’t the only one to celebrate the full moon there 😊

Walking to the moonlit Venon oak

As the moon kept rising, a delicate veiled formed …

Moon over the Venon oak, in the Alps

… and more people came to enjoy the show.

Contemplating the full moon at the Venon oak in the Alps

Right there and then, our Earth really felt like a ship hurtling through space, carrying us as awed passengers…

Watching the world under the moonlit Venon oak in the Alps

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More to come, stay tuned!

P.S. These pictures are actually intended as fine art renditions – check out the article.