I am not really a landscape photographer – but I do love nature. The CODID-induced circumstances of a looming lockdown, and several days of beautiful autumn weather encouraged me to make the most of the rolling hills leading to the already snowy Alps, a few minutes from my home. Beautiful autumn colors!

Rolling hills of Venon, in the French Alps

I love the country lanes…

Country lane in Venon, near Grenoble, France

… and the communion of the elements.

Majestic solitary tree on top of a hill in Venon, France

But even this impressive tree pales in comparison with its big brother, king of the next hill…
The Venon oak – over 300 years old – majestically oversees the Grenoble valley and the 3 mountain ranges which surround it. This tree is so famous it’s even got its own Facebook page!

Venon oak in autumn • Chêne de Venon en automne

It’s one of my favorite spots in the world, one of the places where I love to go to to reconnect with nature, and with myself.

Venon oak in autumn • Chêne de Venon en automne

Sitting under this grand tree is a great way to find peace, inspiration and closeness.

Venon oak in autumn • Chêne de Venon en automne

On the eve of France’s second COVID-19 induced lockdown, adorned with gorgeous autumn colors…

Rolling hills of Venon, France • Collines de Venon
Autumn colors in the Alps
Couleurs d'automne dans les Alpes

… the oak attracted quite an audience.

Venon oak in autumn • Chêne de Venon en automne

Meanwhile, on the next hill, my 2nd favorite local tree lost almost all its leaves, and is now slowly preparing for winter.

The day is fading, it’s time to go home. I wonder when I will be able to walk these hills again…

Meanwhile, I greatly appreciate the privilege I have to be able to still see nature from my windows…

… and the possibility to just walk out in the woods.

I like the wisdom of the saying “this too will pass…”
Please take good care of yourselves and of your close ones.

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More to come, stay tuned!

P.S. Some of the pictures I took on these walks lend themselves quite well to fine art renditions – check out the article I just wrote about it 😎
Here’s a sample:

Forces of Nature • Forces de la nature
Venon, France, 2020