Carry on

Carry on • Faire face 
street portrait / portrait de rue
Didier Cayrac

“Carry on” is one of my favorite street portraits to date… The strength and determination I see in this person remind me of my mother, who passed away 20 years ago after having battled an illness doctors qualified “terminal”. She finally managed to survive it for over 50 years… My mom’s absolute resoluteness and appreciation of life led her to always choose to see the positive in every situation, and to never complain. Her motto was to “be strong and… carry on” (in French, “Faire face”). Highly inspiring, but tough to live up to, especially growing up…

How this portrait was made:
As I was pacing Grenoble (my home town in France) for a street art photo walk, I caught in the corner of my eye this amazing person across the street. She was actually moving fast, so I had to sprint to a position from which I could see her unobstructed, and directly face the beautiful Haussmanian building lining the street. I only had the chance get a couple shots before other people walked into the frame and she moved past the interesting background.

Her attitude is great – face, step, arms, hands. It’s reinforced by the shadow cast by the hard Spring sunlight and by the two leather bags loading her down.
I think the composition works well, with the building’s curves gently framing and echoing her own (back and hat).

More to come, stay tuned!