Hello, World!

I am finally launching my new site! 😊

The bulk of the work is done (except the store, which will come later…), but the paint is still wet!
If you see small (or big!) issues, or opportunities for improvements, please let me know

The content will progressively get fleshed out, as I manage to sort my pictures and I start writing all the articles I have in mind…

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To start with, how about reading one of my articles on Cuba:

My first impressions of Cuba, including my favorite pictures of Cuba overall – the article to read first and foremost 😉

A trip back to the 1950s in present day Havana.

Amazing nature in the West: Viñales & Cayo Levisa island.

Santiago de Cuba,
the rebel of the South East

Enjoy your visit, and stay tuned for more to come !
Kind regards,

P.S. If you are nostalgic of my old blog, it’s still available here – until I manage to transfer all articles to my new site.